FullGear Illumination Technology and technical related

What is FullGear Illumination Technology?

The FullGear Illumination is a Swiss technology invented to overcome the limitation of luminescence.

Unlike traditional luminescence, which the light will deplete over time, the FullGear Illumination can glow with a steady luminosity even in complete darkness.

These glass tubes can glow up to 25 years, day and night, without any charging or any pusher to ignite. It is complete safe to use in watch.

Reading your time even in the most extreme condition, FullGear team is aiming to solve this with style!


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What is the difference from traditional lume?

Traditional lume rely on phosphorescent substances that absorb light energy and slowly release it over time, the duration and intensity of their emitted light depend on the material and the charging period.
FullGear Illumination Technology however operates by harnessing the tritium gas to generate light. The tritium gas interact with a phosphor coating, resulting in a continuous, steady light output. 

The luminosity of traditional lume may dominate after charging with light sources, however, as FullGear Illumination is glowing in a constant, very readible and stable light, it will eventually overcome traditional lume.

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T25 vs T100

The terms T25 and T100 are used to describe the content of radioactivity of the watch's illumination.

T25 means that the watch contains equal or below 25 unit of radioactivity, while T100 means equal or below 100 units.

The difference of this unit may because of the number ot GTLS inside the watch or the concentration of tritium inside individual tubes. 

You could assume a T100 watch is brighter than T25 as it contains more tritium, however, we suggest when choosing between T25 and T100 tritium watches, consider your specific visibility requirements and preferences. 

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Water resistance on watch

The Water resistance label on the watch indicate what water pressure can the watch resist in STATIONARY condition. In reality, the pressure put on the watch is affected by many factors, such as temperature, activity from user, aging of gaskets in the watch.


The below list will give an idea to you for what your watch can do:

3ATM = 30 Meters = Water splashing resistant

5ATM = 50 Meters = Swimming

10ATM = 100 Meters = Snorkeling

20ATM = 200 Meters = Diving

Order Related

How should I contact FullGear for my order?

Please contact us at: cs@fullgear.watch , remember to quote your order number for more efficient communication.


How long will it take to complete my order?

For standard order, the processing time is around 5-7 working days.

For custom design order, we will need around 14 days to complete the order.


What will happen after I order my watch?

After completing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your order number. We will then start to proceed your order. 

When the order is ready to send, you will receive another shipment notification with the tracking.


"I didn't receive any e-mail confirmation after placing order"

Please check your spam mail and see if the e-mails are there.

And sometime, your ISP or e-mail service provider may have accidentally blocked our SMTP or domain. Please contact us via cs@fullgear.watch if you cannot receive any confirmation of your order.


What is Caseback photo printing service?

A photo/logo of your choice can be printed inside of the crystal of see-thru caseback with this service. The printing is not transparent in default, if you need the printing in semi-transparent, please let us know in the REMARK column when placing your order.

Delivery and Shipping

Do the price covered duty or import tax ?

Different destinations have different regulation regarding to duty and import tax. These fees are not covered by your payment to us.

For more information regarding to duties and tax, please contact your local custom office.

FullGear reserves the right to deduce shipping charge from refund if the parcel bounced back due to custom clearing issues.